Natalya Demidova

We ordered an excursion to Peterhof in the summer, when fountains were still open and there were huge queues in the park. We were three, I'm my husband and a seven year old child. At first they did not plan to go to Peterhof, but after watching the weather the next day, they decided that on a sunny day they had to get out somewhere, and Peterhof was chosen. We wrote to the company, we were confirmed with a tour the next day. We paid all at once. At the appointed time, the driver and guide arrived! Well done! When they had already entered the park they saw that the huge queues were standing in the palace, which later, fortunately, they slipped through. Thanks guide Catherine, who told me that it was interesting to us with her husband and child. Catherine is a very nice young girl, it was a pleasure to talk with her. I liked that there was no feeling that she had learned the text and told it to all the tourists. We had a wonderful experience with this company: an interesting guide, a polite driver, a comfortable car bmv5, without delays and queues everywhere passed. I will definitely recommend to friends.

Denis Nachalov

Accepted colleagues from the western branch in St. Petersburg, turned to Hotelier for a number of services - transfer around the city, accommodation in the hotel, the organization of lunches and cultural leisure in the evening. We were very pleased - all requests were made clearly and quickly. Lunches were organized next to the office in 3 different restaurants for 3 days, and the evenings were spent at the Mariinsky Theater in a ballet, on a pleasure boat and the final one at a decent bar in honor of completing the deal. All were satisfied, and the help of the Hotelier allowed us to concentrate as much as possible on working moments and not to worry about the rest. Thank you!

Yury Yemelyanov

Ordered a family tour to Pushkin and an excursion to the Artillery Museum. In the winter, to fully enjoy the beauty of the suburbs, of course, failed, but managed to spend less money than if the trip took place in the summer. Very satisfied with the selected guides, especially the fact that the museum was accompanied by a guide-man, which corresponded to the specifics. By the way, one day Pushkin and the museum, as planned, did not work, the trip for the city is a full-time entertainment for the whole day, and the Artillery Museum can not always be visited on the day of treatment for bureaucratic reasons, as we understood, so, perhaps this will be a useful tip for those planning a short trip - the sooner you turn to the concierge, the more you will be helped to organize.

Fyodor S.

I bought tickets for “Prince Igor” in Mariinsky Theater. Searched the Internet with no result, but on this website they quickly found two tickets for me: good seats, reasonable price.

Natalya Andreevna

My husband and I wanted to find an unusual tour around St. Pete for quite a long time, but we didn’t like the idea of joining some hipsters. “Hotelier” immediately offered us an unusual and interesting tour with a PERSONAL guide. We were excited, because we just loved the “well-courtyards”, the stairways where you want to stay and live there :) Then we asked our guide if there was also an unusual place nearby to have lunch, but it looked like the guide was not prepared for such a question, so we went to Ginza as usual.

Sergey Skvortsov and Olga Skvortsova

The guys arranged a personal swim with dolphins for us. The call center operator very passionately told us about her own experience, so we got thrilled with the idea, too. I didn’t have the time to search the Internet for this experience, but they did everything for me, and everything was most accurately arranged.

Yaroslav Sergeev

I was looking for long roses of specific color. Checked two flower shops, they told me that these should be only ordered in advance. I called “Hotelier”, they found me these flowers in 20 minutes, and delivered them within an hour.


I ordered tickets to Mikhailovsky Theater via “Hotelier”. There were no tickets available at the booking offices by that time. The places were not very good, I was watching other spectator’s heads throughout the whole show.

Boris Osokin

Once I asked this agency to book me a room at a specific hotel. There were none at, and the agency failed, too, however, I should give them credit, they offered a couple of good alternatives.