48 chairs

Cuisine: European, Mixed
Average bill: from INF and more
Address: St. Petersburg, st. Rubinshtein, 5
Opening hours: 12:00 till the last guest, the kitchen is open until 23:30

If you want to feel the atmosphere of a classic restaurant in combination with the mood of the holiday, combine aristocratic calm and genuine fun, then you need the restaurants of Jazz Bar "48 Chairs". Here, jazz - music of inspiration and freedom, like a good wine, is given every night in the performance of the best jazzmen of Petersburg.
Getting into the "Chairs" - after all this is the name of the regulars restaurant, you find yourself in the interior of the chamber music room with light semi-dark shades, soft light, black and white photos in gilded frames and dark wood furniture. All this sends us to America in the thirties of the twentieth century, and the name is recalled by a numbered 48 chairs.
The main feature of jazz is improvisation, and in the kitchen sounds its gastronomic soul from the chef Vasily Soldatov. His imagination on the best dishes of world cuisine includes such dishes as Japanese eel with arugula and lime, assorted Italian bruschettes, Mediterranean mussels with cheese sauce, foie gras with passion fruit and pistachio parmantie and Australian rib steak. And for dessert - French chocolate moilé, hot apple pie with cream ice cream or forest berries, baked under the tender vanilla sauce Sabayon.

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