Cuisine: Georgian
Average bill: from INF and more
Address: Saint-Petersburg, 8/1 Griboedov Canal Emb.
Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 0:00

Three consecutive halls with brick arches are decorated unusually cozy: bright plush armchairs, many different-sized lampshades with fringes under the ceiling, paintings by Georgian artists on the walls. The kitchen is open, so while waiting for the order, you can watch the work of the chefs. In the summer, next to the restaurant, right on the canal embankment, a hundred-meter terrace opens.

The Chacha’s menu is huge and includes almost all of your favorite Georgian dishes. A separate chef is responsible for each direction: one specializes in barbecue and other charcoal dishes, the other specializes in khinkali, which are prepared with various fillings (pork and beef, lamb, potatoes, suluguni, mushrooms). Everything from bread and pastries to pickles and seasonings is prepared right here in the restaurant, many ingredients and products are brought from Georgia, due to which all Georgian dishes in Chach have an authentic, correct taste.

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