Prianosti I Radosti

Cuisine: European, Georgian, Caucasian
Average bill: from INF to INF
Address: Saint-Petersburg, Moskovsky PR, 191
Opening hours: from 9:00 till the last guest

The restaurant belongs to Ginza Project and is located in the very heart of the theatrical Saint-Petersburg. That’s why the new “Pryanosti&Radosti” has the atmosphere and the style of a residential apartment, furnished with delicate taste. The restaurant’s menu is a designer mixture of European dishes and oriental motives. All dishes are served in a reserved and accurate manner, as if at a cordial dinner with academics. The brand-manager Iso Dzandzava has created new combinations of tastes for this project – adding mysterious herbs to the traditional Armenian sorrel soup, while lakums from Balkaria are supplemented with smoked Suluguni cheese and Kalmyk tea.

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