Meat Shop

Cuisine: European, Meat & Steaks
Average bill: from INF and more
Address: Saint-Petersburg, 3V Instrumentalnaya St.
Opening hours: daily from 11:00 to 0:00
Fri-Sat until 02:00

Steakhouse on Instrumentalnaya Street. About 15 types of steaks from Altai marbled beef were included in the profile section of the "Meat Shop". On the list, for example, there are alternative picks with a solid strip of fat, a classic rib eye and a flank.

In other blocks of the menu, emphasis is also placed on meat: tartars and carpaccio are served for appetizer, the turkey is heated, the cheeks are stewed and the rabbit is baked. Even in a steakhouse, you can buy your own meat delicacies and sausages of your own production. A pair of meat dishes made up an impressive wine list. In total, almost 150 seats were organized in the Butcher Shop. In the far corner of the hall, a steak mat was arranged, and at the entrance there was a gastronomic shop where you can buy Altai honey, butter and tea.

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