Cuisine: Russian, European
Average bill: from INF to INF
Address: Saint-Petersburg, 18, Stolyarny Lane
Opening hours: 7:00–1:00

Severyanin is a typical St. Petersburg restaurant located in the old center of the city, where quiet lanes run from Sennaya Square (19th century’s largest market place) over the picturesque Griboyedov сanal. There’s a play on words in its name – a Russian word ‘severyanin’ means ‘a man from the North' referring to Northern Russia cuisine traditions, and at the same time to the pen-name of Igor-Severyanin, a remarkable poet of the so called Silver age of Russian culture (the turn of the 20th century, ended with the revolution in 1917). Severyanin restaurant appeared in Stolyarny Lane in 2011 specializing on substantial Russian meat cuisine. Severyanin has got a fresh creative team, a new signature menu, a renewed interior and attractive events including music and poetry nights, Russian tea ceremony, monthly workshops for children and themed dinners. Severyanin is a perfect place for a formal lunch or a romantic dinner, a meal during a city tour or a coffee and cake with a friend. It will help to keep your impressions after a night at a theatre (by the way, Mariinsky is within а 10-minute walk along the canal). Almost regardless of the weather you will enjoy the canal embankments, bridges and lanes around on the way to our restaurant.

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