Cuisine: Russian
Average bill: from INF and more
Address: Saint-Petersburg, 2a Izmailovsky Ave.
Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 23:00

Sytin is a restaurant with interiors of the beginning of the century before last, a festive atmosphere and delicious cuisine. Sitting at the table here, you understand that for 100 years, the concepts of style, beauty and luxury have not changed at all. Polite staff, spacious bright rooms, comfortable furniture, crisp snow-white tablecloths, dishes croaking from cleanliness — these are the components of the institution that you do not want to leave. 3 halls of the restaurant — like 3 living rooms of a hospitable noble house.

“Tsarsky” is the splendor of luxury, “aristocratic” is the high style of secular society, “musical” is the cosiness of a country mansion, and soft sofas in the boxes are a great place for intimate conversations at all times.

The hot menu of this establishment is impossible to imagine without self-made dumplings, dumplings and home-made pancakes. Connoisseurs of delicious classics will see steaks, beef stroganoff and pork on the menu on the menu. Fans of something new - interesting seasonal dishes. And, of course, a solid dinner will not do without a decent wine list. For dessert — you should definitely try a chocolate cake from the chef or tea with homemade jam!

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