Sightseeing tours and excursions in St Petersburg

We offer you the new view on the city of Saint Petersburg, as we step away from the basic tourist routes, boring guides and common facts. We truly love our city in it's whole variety, we are equally interested in it's past and present, historic fact and mysterious city legends, the glamour of its boulevards and the secrets of it's courtyards. We know lots of places that are not written about in traveller's handbooks, places we want to share with you.

We came up with a large variety of the tours in Saint Petersburg: classic and informal, walking and water excursions, downtown and suburbs tours, master classes and extreme activities. Our tours are sure to be interesting for everyone: adults and kids, Russian residents and foreign visitors, third-generation citizens and those who came here for the first time.

Tours and excursions: Petersburg for romanticists, kids and thrill-seekers

Our sightseeing tours around the city of Saint Petersburg will show you the Northern Capital from the perspective you have never seen before. Ever had a helicopter ride above the historic part of town, went kayaking on the rivers and canals of the city, piloted a plane above the suburban palaces, had a banquet on board of a luxurious yacht in the water area of Neva river, swam with a dolphins, experienced a free fall in an aero-pipe or visited the forts of Kronstadt? Everything mentioned above is possible with our tour programs.

With our tours you can learn what makes subway of Saint Petersburg so unique, visit Imperial Porcelain Factory and not only see the whole production process but learn under the guidance of local masters how to make unique souvenirs. You will see the largest collection of Fabergé Eggs located in the Fabergé Museum. We will take you on a night boat trip under the raised bridges. With us you can take a walk in the halls and chambers of Yusupov Palace where Rasputin was mysteriously assassinated. You will attend the vine tasting at the active presidential residence at Strelna - Konstantin Palace. We will take you on the tour where you will see the famous Amber Room and other treasures of Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo. And last but not least: you can learn the art of painting Russian nesting dolls, folk dances and attend master classes at the best restaurants Saint Petersburg has to offer.

Our unique tours are sure to develop the same passion for the city of Saint Petersburg we have. And we can guarantee you will be willing to come back, and in the meantime we will prepare something new and exciting for you.