Fleet management

Cars of prestigious brands require special care and attention. Not every company has the ability to contain its own luxury fleet of vehicles, carrying out technical and service. Sometimes in business it is better to take the fleet lease.

Fleet management is our area of responsibility

Our company offers a wide variety of high-class cars with drivers. We seek long-term partnerships, therefore, carefully monitor the technical condition of the car, clean the salon, equipment. Due to the strict selection of drivers, we managed to create a team of professionals who know their business and speak English. We are able to provide the Mercedes and BMW even in the days of the economic forum. No matter how many cars you need: 2 or 100. We have no hidden charges. You transfer the money in exactly the amount needed to rent. 

Cooperating with us, you do not put out of business the money to buy an expensive car and its contents may not care about finding and hiring staff, don't pay for simple. All transport problems fall on our shoulders. Let each do what he can. You do business, we equip you with the premium cars!

For the contract for transport services please contact our Manager by phone or at a convenient social network.

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