Outstaffing or lease drivers

Have a car, but no driver? And this problem is easily solved! Use the outstaffing service.

Rent a driver for business purposes

Not every legal entity is beneficial to keep the state's own driver. For infrequent driving around town with some orders it is easier to hire a contractor for a while. Entrepreneur or business owner will not have to think about salary, search the employee, the contributions to the various funds and other issues related to employment.

A professional driver will arrive at your company at the specified time and date. Driving experience more than 5 years, knowledge of road junctions in the city and courteous manners – the main criteria for the selection of our staff. The driver will take you or your staff promptly. Respect to your car guarantee.

We are ready to provide the driver and in emergency cases, for example, your employee suddenly became ill or was required urgently to meet an important business partner.

Personal driver to the rescue

We also work with private clients. Plan a celebration? Or the restaurant you unplanned drank a glass of champagne? And maybe just tired after a hard working day and have no strength to think about the traffic situation in the city? Just give us a call, and the driver will take you to your car at the specified address. You don't have to waste time the next day to pick up abandoned at the other end of the city car.

Rent a driver can be not only a necessity but also affect your status. In addition, exempt precious time that could be spent more useful than watching the road.

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